Car care cleaning methods

1, 2-3 days later wash cars 1. In case of a rainy day, cleaning 1 time per day, or on sunny days after the car wash. When stained with mud on the
2, when the body, apply a detergent to sponge, then rinse with water and wipe dry.
3, wash the car engine, keep the engine from overheating and drying detergent washing place. Under the scorching sun or hot weather, avoid cleaning too large an area. After using the cleaning agent, they should immediately wash the body to avoid detergent traces left in the car are dried.
4, body when stained with oil, detergents can be sprayed on the oil to make it melt, then the cleanser to remove.
5, if stained with oil on the tires, rims, first with a detergent or cleaning agent to clean, and then sprayed with tire maintenance agent, you can have a beautiful black tires and rims of bright as new.
6, if the bumper is stained with grease or when there is a phenomenon of white, first use detergent in hard brush to clean dry, then spray on leather care agents, bumpers will look like new.
7, if the body surfaces are rough to the touch, then its is carbon particles or dirt particles attached, you can use dirty clay to remove it. The grinding must be coupled with adequate water to take dirt particles stick to return to the original smooth surface.
8, when the dirt particles are on the window, start with decontamination of clay, then glass cleaner wipe. When
9, if you have rust stainless steel strip, decontamination clay to remove rust spots available, again with detergent and polished.
10, the whole body is clean, do not forget to wipe clean with a wet towel stained with maintenance lotion, then wipe with a dry towel to smooth the body beautiful. BACK
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