Glen Johnson drove a Porsche Cayenne without left

Guy Saturday night and two brothers in the pride's driving. 3 when a guy walked by me, I asked the driver. Did he say go. At the Marriott. From his dam a car a minute, the car keys fell to me, was the key to sparking. Did not check their stalls. Which know when the brother-in-law to stop booing did not return to p Oh, hanging two strands of beads on the shift lever out of here. Hit half a minute without ignition. I called brother-in-law, asked him if the car has problems. He didn't play a single minute burning/smile   . He took a look at the Buddhist prayer beads, in block r. I was the sweat/sweat. The brother-in-law asked if I had a driver's license No. I said it would be. He said look, a look only took 5 years. He was unable to reach a mutual understanding, he said no security. Said that was his problem or is my problem. Guys........ BACK
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