Car rental in summer beware of spontaneous combustion in vehicles

According to Fire Department statistics, motor vehicle fires this year, 96% above is a spontaneous combustion, including nearly 70% series electrical causes, more than 60% per cent of motor vehicle fires.
after the weather warms, and if you do not pay attention to vehicle maintenance, car spare parts and wear caused by volatile oil circuit problems, resulting in a fire.
fire sector stakeholders, driving the vehicles burst into flames some signs, such as accelerated suddenly felt weak, brake pedal suddenly lighter, or with power steering suddenly heavy vehicle steering wheel, are likely to fuel tubing tubing, brake fluid or Power Steering Hose leaking. You should immediately pull over turn off to check the vehicle. If driving the intake fan is in the started state, can smell in the cars after the oil spill. Dark burn stage in the fire just happened, its interior will smell the distinct smell of burnt.
--five tips to keep in mind
"talk" is the first line of Defense. Car Qian, to often view low, and high pressure circuit whether short-circuit, and leakage, and loose; check carburetor whether tempered, and oil whether leak oil, and row tracheal whether shooting, as has problem, should immediately maintenance; keep battery ventilation hole smooth also is important; also to note, years long vehicles to timely replaced line, or leakage will introduction burning leak oil; driving took personnel habit good of habits also is important, as is not car within smoking and so on. While inside the vehicle to be equipped with an effective fire-fighting equipment.
calm handling of the crisis. Once they found the car on fire, don't panic, stop stalling, cutting oil, turn off the fuel switch and the shutter, and immediately leave the car. If the door cannot be opened out from the windshield. If the fire is small, overwriting existing items in the available cars. Fire area is large, and there is no fire-fighting equipment, fire threatening when the car should be fighting at the same time, quickly unload cargo from the car. But in either case, must do a fuel tank fire and explosion. If vehicle fire endangering people or cause more disaster, fire at the same time, cars will be diverted to a safe area. Do not flip cover
engine caught fire. If the engine had caught fire in the cabin, reckless owners don't open the cover fire, because the front cover temperatures hundreds of degrees easily burned hands and dramatic influx of oxygen after the lid is open, is likely to lead to increase in fire moments; the front cover opened a small gap, and then with a fire extinguisher at the fire to Jet.
do not place flammable items. Disposable lighter production process crude, in local temperature in the compartment under the hot sun exposure could be as high as 50 ℃ above, is likely to cause lighter explosion triggered a fire and pesticides, wash, interior cleaning agent, tar cleaning agent spray also contains flammable gas may explode when heated.
disposal of science to ensure safety. Due to a crash, rollover car accident caused by fire, first alarm, rescue the wounded immediately, and take effective measures to save on car. Put out the fire, pilots and other personnel should take off wearing synthetic clothes, pay attention to protect the exposed skin on the outside, not to mouth breathing or shouting, so as not to smoke and burn the upper respiratory tract. BACK
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