"Road traffic accidents home elderly rescue" boot

By the National Organizing Committee of respecting and caring for the old old theme educational activities Guide, sponsored by the China aging Development Foundation "ride--families of road traffic accident rescue operation in the elderly" Press Conference and launch ceremony held in the State Council information office today.
reported that "walk" projects for the benefit of "filial piety, and harmonious" for the purpose, to "help the world children filial, problem-solving skills for there parents, worries for the Government" as the goal. The project, in the national road traffic accidents caused by elderly family members with disabilities or death, lost in the old sources, it is difficult to maintain a normal life, even becomes lost alone, empty-nest elderly and economic assistance, psychological, medical care and life care services. Conference site, distribute the benefits to eligible recipients. The project will also cooperate with the traffic control Department in the country to carry out various forms of traffic safety laws and regulations and civilization and peace education activities.
famous painter Liu Tieqi 6 love art for "the ride" Working Committee donated paintings. China aging Development Foundation led to the donation enterprise and love art banners and certificates were issued.
it is reported that road traffic safety Association and community service centers in Beijing, China as a project support unit. Beijing Ben AO an da automobile driving service company for the project sponsor. Ride to work by the China aging Development Foundation Board and CI refreshing culture dissemination limited company of Beijing hosted. BACK
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