Drunk driving accident victims ' families, special relief

In recent years, with the rapid increase of urban vehicle ownership in China, has become an acute problem of traffic safety, becomes an important factor affecting China's social security, stability. Traffic accidents, drink driving on the road "Director" in a car crash was a tragedy. The Ministry of public security traffic management Bureau statistics show: from 2006 to 2010, and every year, more than 3,500 people for drink driving accident deaths, more than 9,000 people were injured. Since May 1, 2011 "drunk-driving into the penalty," the country have investigated and dealt with 213,000 drink violations, of which 32,000 for drunken driving, investigate and punish account for 15%, driving under the influence of road traffic has become a major killer.
shocking drunk driving hazards, caused great losses to people's lives and property, especially for the victims ' families, the elderly and the soul to heal the trauma on children, many families are struggling. They are vulnerable and need our care, we need to lend a helping hand.
to better of publicity advance road traffic security method, tie Ministry of public security make tube Council carried out "civilization traffic action plans", sparse blocking combined governance drink driving social disease, national respecting love old help old activities organizing Committee respecting end child sexual abuse Action Committee Organization collaborative Beijing Ben Austrian ANDA car driving service limited and the related enterprise sponsored "you of family, you security home--refused to drink driving" cum "rescue drink driving traffic accident injured family special action".
this action aimed at through on drink driving traffic accident injured family of rescue, especially to these family of elderly and children sent to Humanities care, while through on innocent injured family of interview, and accident tragedy of reported, with bloody of facts warning people, urged all traffic participants, and especially motor vehicle driving people, strictly comply with make method, consciously boycott drink driving violations, for himself, and family and social negative up responsibility; through Enterprise participation carried out colorful of theme publicity activities, Making a contribution to creating a good traffic order. Meanwhile, in an interactive process highlight the participation in the company's public image, enhance brand awareness.
highly developed a modern civilized nation, must be a public idea of perfect people; a harmonious, and full of friendly society, was a thriving community of public undertakings.
for a safe traffic order, is an important part of building a harmonious society and joint responsibility of the whole society. We call for:
all sectors of the society to participate in this action, gathering in "love • public interest" under the banner, to the elderly and children, to your family, let the tragedy of drunk driving accidents do not occur, extend your hand, give you love.
Let us create good traffic order and environment, to build a secure, stable and harmonious society, striving to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! BACK
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