Driver common sense

Uphill point Park and Hill-start tips

(A) the examination requirements: actually consists of two test projects, first ascent of point Park, is the ramp start driving again. Point Park, the front bumper of vehicles parking in designated yellow line in the Middle, bumpers should not go beyond or shrink after the yellow line 50 cm, front and rear right wheel to stop at the edge of the yellow line and white line (width of 30 cm). Hill-Start requiring vehicles slipped more than 30 cm.
(b) scoring criteria: parking line is not fixed within 50 cm parking, deducted 20 points, slipped after more than 30 cm, failing; turn off, deduction of 20 points right exceeds 30 cm-wide parking, deducted 20 points, starting once in gear, do not leave the place within 60 seconds, and failed.
(c) driving skills: (1) key is both good for designated parking, left direction and distance, can use the same reference. The car set a fixed point, and examination of an object is aligned. For example, right inside the door of the window button corresponds to a tree on the right side of the ramp, once aligned the two and shut down immediately. (2) fear a flameout, and Hill-start to slip, pay attention to the 3 steps. First light with the accelerator and slowly release clutch then once the car has forward momentum, it should release brake, and slightly on the accelerator and, lastly, once the car is started, release the clutch slowly.
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