Driver common sense

Unilateral bridge

(A) the examination requirements: driver to correct direction, on both sides of a narrow bridge has pressure in the left and right wheel and seamless adoption.
(b) scoring criteria: on the bridge after bridge, deducted 10 points; stop, failing; round not on the bridge, deduction of 20 points; turn off, deduction of 20 points; not required routes, failed.
(three) driving skills:
, and had unilateral bridge whole process note with clutch control speed, first let body back are, playing direction makes front cover left line keep in first a unilateral bridge right a distance;
2, and car Shang unilateral bridge Hou, note keep direction, makes front cover left line has been in ahead ground of three a points right, front wheel Xia unilateral bridge Hou, note stepped on about brake, so as not to speed had fast;
3, and Dang front and second a points coincide Shi, right playing 1 circle direction; < BR/>4, when the left line of the hood when it reached the second unilateral bridge on the right side, left 2 laps;
5, when the hood of Central's second unilateral bridge in the left side, 1 turn to the right direction, and then adjust the hood line left in the ground in front of three points on the right.
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