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Rough road driving

Rough road driving is one of the driving test subjects two selected content, but are often considered simple and rough road driving it into many friend points project, rough road driving skills is particularly important for friends driving test, for detail often determines success or failure. Here's a look at specific skills
rough road driving requires the driver to correct the undulating pavement judge and master driving essentials, Essentials as long as including brake, clutch, gear their coordination skills. Operational requirements are: vehicle driving in front of the obstacle 20m braking, using low gear or use linkage through, ensuring smooth and safe vehicle through obstacles.
rough road driving skills first:
through the concave of the action method, in front of a concave road 20m braking deceleration, and changed into a low gear, with intermittent brake sailed near the edge.
II, used to make the front wheels down.
three, press the accelerator pedal, wheels Groove on.
four, used to make the rear wheels down.
v, press the accelerator pedal, the Groove on the rear wheel.
rough road driving skills step two: method of operation by convex road
, 20m convex road braking deceleration and changed into low gear.
II, the current round of close convex road, press the accelerator pedal.
c, front convex road, release the accelerator pedal under the former in-line skating.
four, when the rear wheels close convex road, and then press the accelerator pedal, which rear up the road.
v, round convex road, skating after the release the accelerator pedal down.
rough road driving is to drive fast, this requires you to learn by rough road driving skills, master trainer, lax during the test should not be treated the loss not greater. Small series and I hope you are able to pay attention to, and to comprehend the rough road driving skills, passed the rolling road test.
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