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Preventing odor inside the car causing little environmental harm

Harmful gases exceeds new car than the harm of excessive indoor harmful gas level is much larger. So domestic demand to prevent the air smell
to prevent odors in the car such as car interior decoration, jewelry should be strictly selected, prevents harmful substances containing rubber, Wuxi travel car seat cover pad decorated on the inside; such as the purchase of a new car seat cover textiles, you should first rinse after use. Use perfumes sparingly that many perfumes are chemical compounds, itself has a certain degree of pollution, the choice should be more careful when buying, and selected natural materials.
using in-car air purifiers and other cleaner, be sure to pay attention to good effect and side effects. If car owners driving Wuxi's driving new cars found to have signs of reaction, such as smoked eyes, respiratory irritation, even giddy, recommendations for in-car air quality testing, found and cleared in-vehicle pollution as soon as possible. Physical fitness than the weak, women, children and persons with allergic Constitution, try to avoid driving and take the new car for a long time. New car original packaging must be removed, a new car usually some plastic packaging, car owners should be removed as soon as possible after starting car the excess packaging Wuxi travel chauffeur, so bored in the car could solve pollution "fermentation", resulting in air pollution.
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