Service prices

charge standard:
, drunken chauffeur service:
9-22 price list:
1-10 km     60
11-20 km    100
21-40 km    120
40 kilometers is a long distance driver (telephone booking is required)
Note 1, Super booking time 20 minutes plus 20 yuan/hour.
22 every price point only 20 Yuan

II, a long-distance driver service:
800 km     100/100 km   
800 km     120/100 km
300 km     150-180/100 km

     the above prices include driver driver's accommodation and transport, also according to the vehicle type, road conditions, weather and other factors to determine the specific prices.
c, business travel chauffeur:
4/>     provided customer vehicles hours 200 260
6 hours/>8 hours 350
over 8 hours plus 30 yuan per hour
    to my company vehicle, each vehicle based on the original price + 100 + (distance x 2) contact
me-generation drivers who provide business, Conference and tourism chauffeur service.

, driver of short-term expatriate services:
     customers for some time due to objective reasons not to drive cars or his chauffeur temporary leave for a long time, our company can contact driver driver drivers service.
5 day
8 hours/day RMB 4000/month overtime timeout part: 30 yuan/hour

v, shuttle service:

vehicles supplied by our company, 100 + per vehicle (mileage x 2)

six, accompanied driving service:

(one day in advance booking, price interviews)

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