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Shenyang II Uncle generation driving service limited has been insisted go formal, and professional of route, for national all city provides wine offspring driving, Shenyang II Uncle generation driving, and Shenyang generation driving, and Shenyang generation driving company, and Shenyang generation driving price, and Shenyang generation driving costs, and Shenyang generation driving phone, and Shenyang formal generation driving company, and Shenyang wine offspring driving, and Shenyang tourism generation driving, and Shenyang business generation driving, and Shenyang long-distance generation driving, road emergency rescue (take electric. trailer. for tire. sent oil), illegal processing, annual, fill for card, car rental and the vehicles maintenance, car service.
employees in front of the posts to go through 3 months of rigorous training and assessment, and has more than 500,000 miles of local taxi drivers older drivers at your service, they are very familiar with the operation for a variety of high profile car. Also regular and irregular on driver safety education and training and assessment, and fully guarantee the security of lives and property of the customer. Establishment of the company without any accidents, high quality drivers and customers alike.
company has a professional team of dedicated, quality service, customer first is our unremitting pursuit. Honest, thoughtful service is our book, convenient and safe is our service concept, user satisfaction and trust is our service tenet.

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